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February 21, 2021

Alireza Ataei

By: Alireza Ataei

Behind the scene of HTML

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Ever wondered about the fundamental of websites? What is happening behind the scene of HTML? Let's have a quick walk over the world wide web.

Welcome to the HTML 2021 Bootcamp. Before we take off, let’s see what is going on behind the scene of HTML.

Web Browsers

Web browsers are where you will run your web page as they are basically web software that grants access to World Wide Web, also known as WWW, and you are supposed to give some structure commands to the browser by HTML, which you can refer to as what is happening behind the scene of HTML document and browser.

There two types of language in web development. One is the front-end, and the other is the back-end. In the front-end, the focus is on the style and rendering of the website! But in the back-end, the focus is on the actual data and its retrieval, even the issue to be dynamic, etc. HTML is a front-end language.

Now… what is HTML its self, you ask?

What is HTML?

This is where the journey to a Web Developer carrier begins.

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Structure of every website.
  • It’s the foundation of every website!
  • It’s not a programming language!

In programming languages, we basically use syntaxes to interact with the language and the system!. But here we got Elements (that all consist of an <opening> and </closing> tag) where you give the specific information you want according to the tag you are using to the browser.

Note: You will learn about how tags work in the next lesson.

Simple examples

For example

To tell the browser about the title of this HTML page, you use the <title> tag like:

<title> Web Page Topic </title>

Also, to tell the browser to display some text, you can use <p> tag like:

<p> Hello World! </p>

basic behind the scene of HTML structure

But this is not the whole story; you can also display images using the <img> tag even forms, tables, etc.

History of HTML

This Markup was already used as “marking up” the manuscripts, which involved handwritten annotations used as the text’s structure. For example, to bold a text or make it italic and a lot more. Also, in HTML, you can make text bold by using <b> tag, and to make it italic, you can use the <i> tag.

There have been lots of versions of HTML,

WWW was first invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and then the first HTML version. Then there was HTML+, HTML 2.0 etc. As the latest HTML version, we will follow the HTML5 standards to teach you. You can check out W3C for more information.

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