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Blockchain mining and NONCE

February 14, 2022

Alireza Ataei

By: Alireza Ataei

How blockchain mining works and why is it hard

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The hard part of blockchain is in mining, and the challenging part in that is again the hashing, but the problem, where is it also a security point as well, is that hash, is random

In process of mining in blockchain, normally, there are certain essentials for hashing software, which are ok, we already have strong/secured hashing systems such as HSA256 and even weak and hacked hashing systems.

So at the end, the basics of hashing is that hash system is supposed to change on every chain from the content of the block, which include the id of the block, the data, and the previous hash(chain), but there is also a NONCE part in every block in the hash, which is changing every second



So in the blocks of block chain, the hash is changed based on the content, which is the whole point, but you can’t change the ID of block every time, because it identifies the block, you need it! You also need the data stored stay the same untouched, because you need the correct data which could even tell whether you’re the owner of the 20000000$ house or not, as well as the previous blocks hash, because that’s how the chain is created, which again, is the security point as well

So we introduce a new part to the block, which we can freely chain, without worrying about the primary data of the block


Why NONCE hash is hard

Simple answer is, because it is random, there is nor rule to it, which again provides security level, because if there was any point of predicting it, the hacker would manipulate the whole chain without breaking a sweat in a matter of seconds

It is random, you can’t make the machine believe you with another number of yours that you’re the right block of this chain, so you can’t enter the chain

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